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I am having a problem with a product.

Most of our products are pretty straightforward, but there are some general guidelines we can mention for certain products. Here are all of the issues we are aware of and can help you to troubleshoot to date:

Player not working

For the Archos 704 and 705, there is a reset button under the battery. For the other 04 and 05 models, there should be a reset button somewhere on the player (you will see a very small hole on the body of the player which looks like has no purpose except to be a reset button :) Use a paper clip to put inside the hole and push the button).
Take the battery out and you can see a metal reset button. Press this to reset the player, and it should begin charging. Charge for at least 1-2 hours before attempting to boot up.

If this doesn't resolve the problem, then if you bought the battery from us, please see 'Battery not charging' to troubleshoot further.

If you bought the player from us, you will need to contact Archos for a replacement. Click HERE to print your invoice and contact Archos at

Battery not charging

If you have properly installed your battery but still cannot get it to work, you may have a problem with the charging system in your Archos itself.

If your old battery still works , try running it down and seeing if it will take a charge.

If neither battery takes a charge, or if you only have our battery to test , then determine the following: Did your Archos work at all, even for a few seconds with our battery installed? If so, it means our battery works in your player, but your charging circuit is bad. In this case, you can still use an external charger to make your Archos work properly. Just select your model on the right hand dropdown menu at the top, and select Chargers on the left menu. Look on the page for 'External Battery charger for....'

If your Archos did not come on at all with our battery, not even for a few seconds , then your Archos may be defective. At this point, your best bet may be to return the battery to us by clicking HERE

If you have an orignal battery that takes a charge, and if our battery does not, then it means our battery is defective. However, the defect rate of our batteries is less than 1%. Be sure the battery is installed correctly and try charging it overnight. If you are still unable to make our battery charge, but your original battery does charge (i.e. you have run it down fully and been able to recharge it), you may wish to return the battery to us by using the Return (RMA) Form which can be initiated HERE

Cable problems:

As a rule, our cables are of such simple and straightforward construction, the defect rate is virtually 0%. Most of the time, the problem is a simple issue of configuration.

AV Travel Cables: Make sure that if you use the plug adapter with the unit (the small black piece with the two headphone-like jacks) that the cable is plugged into AV OUT when you are trying to watch video FROM the Archos ONTO a TV. If you are trying to record a video FROM the TV, be sure that you plug the cable into the port labeled (AV IN). This seems obvious, but the labels can be hard to read with the small type on the connector.

Be sure that your TV is wired correctly to give video and audio TO the Archos when you want to record a video, and be sure the TV is wired to receive video and audio when you want to play a video FROM your Archos ON your TV set.

Last but not least, be sure that your Archos is set up to send the video / audio signal to the TV. On newer models, there is often a TV/LCD button on the unit itself. On other models, you have to go into the 'Display Setup' screen to change the video output from 'Internal LCD' to 'External Video Source'.

USB Transfer Cables: Make sure any needed drivers are installed. Try connecting to another PC.

USB Charging Cables (USB to DC cables): Make sure nothing else is plugged into the same section of USB ports and being used. Extra devices can consume the power needed to charge your Archos.

If you are still unable to get your accessory to work and wish to return it, click this link to initiate the return process.


If your original charger you got with your Archos can charge your Archos fine, but our charger cannot, you may want to return it to us for an exchange or refund.  
Please click HERE to login with your order ID and e-mail address and submit a return form.

If the original charger you got with your Archos does not work either, then chances are, the player's charging circuit has been burned out, meaning that no charger will successfully charge it. Because the construction is very simple and straightforward, our car, AC and USB chargers have a virtually 0% defect rate. The problem can often lie in the player's charging circuit or in the player's battery. In this case, if you have an 04 or 05 model Archos, look for the reset button as mentioned at the top of this page. If you do not have a reset button or if the button doesn't help, you can still get around this problem by getting an External Charger from us to charge the battery (see 'battery not charging' above).


Squealing noise: turn down the volume on your Archos when recording

No input signal: try pressing the control button more than one time. If you still cannot get a signal, please submit a return HERE

Video shows only Black and white: you will need to adjust the display settings (e.g. 'hue settings') on your Archos.

For AV700 and PMA models, you will need to select the VideoCorder option on your screen to get the camera to pick up video, and you will also need to hit the 'on / record' button on your camera control. Once both are set, you should be able to record by starting the record process from your screen.

If The camera is not functional, or if there is significant physical damage to the camera, which you did not cause:
Please submit a return HERE . Please note that returns cannot be accepted if damage is determined to be caused by the customer.

If you are still unable to get your accessory to work and wish to return it, click this link .

Other problems:

If you are having problems getting your product to work, but you are not 100% sure it is defective
There is a good chance that the problem could be a simple operational one. Here are some steps that have proven useful for past customers:

  1. Have a look at the product photos and description to see if this gives any clues that can help.
  2. Physically show the problem to a friend or colleague. Different people are able to see different ways of solving problems. You may be surprised at how helpful a second perspective can be in solving the problem.
  3. Try typing the exact problem into Google. Again, this sounds obvious, but you may be surprised at how helpful this can be for some products. It may also help you determine whether the problem lies with the accessory or with the player itself.

If you have tried everything possible, cannot get it to work and wish to return it, please click HERE to fill out a returns form.


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