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Button Spy Camera for Archos AV500 models

Button Spy Camera for Archos AV500 models

Note: to use this camera with the AV500, you will need the AV travel plug, located HERE

- Introducing the newest CMOS board technology in a button style-spy camera!

  • Use it to turn your AV500 into a portable covert video recording kit! This camera is so small, it can be worn under a shirt and positioned to look just like a button on your shirt or coat.
  • The camera runs on a regular or rechargeable 9V battery (not included) inside the black box and comes with a switch on the box to save power when you aren't recording. Thanks to the newest CMOS technology, the quality is comparable to CCD, yet the battery life is considerably longer. The run time for this camera on one battery charge is generally 7-9 hours depending on the quality of battery being used. The length of the cable is 1 meter, from the camera to the battery box.
  • Use this cam with a fully charged AV500 and be able to record 6-7 hours of video on average before needing to recharge!
    The resolution of the video recording is 320 x 240, and the quality of the video is very clear. The picture to the right of this description is an actual still of a video being recorded from this same camera using our AV25 player. The AV500 will actually record at a better quality than AV25. It's a very easy solution for covert recording at an extremely low price, so get it while it's hot!


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Clip-On Camera for Archos AV500
Clip-On Camera for Archos AV500

Button Spy Camera for Archos AV500 models
Button Spy Camera for Archos AV500 models


Car headrest adapter with straps for Archos AV500
Car headrest adapter with straps for Archos AV500


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